Reptile Adventures

Reptile Adventures provide quality educational demonstrations while stimulating young minds about amazing native Australian reptiles and amphibians. We bring the animals to you, which eliminates the need for extra helpers. The demonstrator’s passion shines through in a way that will keep audiences captivated. Because our animals have been bred and raised in captivity, they are conditioned to regular handling. This means that our demonstrations are hands on and interactive.

0412 677 697
PO Box 19, Samford Qld 4520

Offers tailored mathematics tuition to upper primary and secondary students.

  • Primary session (1hr)
  • Secondary session (1hr 20min)

Owned and run local business with experienced current senior teacher – Stephen Spence.

Situated in Samford Valley.

Currently operating two afternoons/nights per week.

“Maximise your possibilities”

0415 771 582
7 Haigh Crescent, Samford Valley Qld 4520