Aluntum Thai Takeaway

Authentic Thai cuisine.

  • Appetisers: Thai spring rolls, curry puffs, chicken satay, golden parcels and fish cakes.
  • Vegetarian: spring rolls and deep fried fresh tofu
  • Curries: special yellow curry chicken, green curry, red curry, panang curry
  • Vegetarian curries: gaeng dang pag, gaeng keow pag
  • Beef: massamun beef, special Samford beef, pad gar prow (basil beef), pad nam mun hoi (beef with oyster sauce), pad ped
  • Chicken: Samford chicken (BBQ), pad nam prik poaw (chicken with cashew), pad gar prow (basil chicken), kai tod gartium (garlic and pepper chicken), kai pad khing (chicken and ginger)
  • Pork: muu tod gartium (garlic & pepper pork), puu pad preow wan (sweet and sour pork), muu pad prik khing, muu pad khing (pork & ginger)
  • Seafood: pla lad prik (Samford Fish), pad gar prow, goong tod gartium, pia neung ma naow (lemon fish)
  • Stir fries
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Noodles
  • Rice
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Unit 2, 24 Main St, Samford Village Qld 4520
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