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• phone prefix 3289 or 3425;
• 4520 or 4521 postcode;
• ABN registered in 4520 or 4521.
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Business listing in:
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General terms and conditions

  • You may enter only one listing per ABN number, but you may choose to use your trust name, company name, business name, trading name or registered trademark.
  • The Samford & Districts Business Directory reserves the right to edit, categorise or exclude listings for any reason at its sole discretion (but this will primarily be spam).

Step 3

  • Please include “http://” before your website address.
  • Your “link text” needs to be your website address (not keywords).
  • Your business name must be your actual business name and not keywords.

Step 4

  • You may choose to upload your logo as your listing image.
  • Optimal size is 146px x 146px (larger images will be reduced to fit).

Don’t stress if there isn’t an appropriate category for your business. Just put it in the closest category, and we’ll fix it after you’ve registered.

Privacy statement

When you register with

  • We collect your business details (business name, business description, website address, phone number, logo and address) and we will use these details to promote your business publicly.
  • We may collect your ABN number to confirm your registered business address, but this is not displayed publicly.
  • We collect your email address in order to maintain your listing, but will not display it publicly.
  • We will email you on an annual basis to confirm your listing or if there is a problem with your listing.
  • You consent to receive promotional emails once a month from the Samford Chamber of Commerce.  You may request to stop receiving these emails, but your listing on the website will be removed also.
  • We will not disclose your email address or ABN number to third parties without your consent first.